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Seed Spider

Trusted by commercial growers in more than 15 countries, Seed Spider is the most innovative, cost-effective seeding solution available. Over the past two decades, Seed Spider has cemented itself as the most accurate high-density seeder in the world and the number one choice for over 80% of North American mesclun salad growers.


Metering Unit icon image Metering Unit

The Metering System is the world's first electronic seed metering system. The revolutionary device accurately meters seed from a bulk hopper to multiple outlets and is noticeably more accurate over a wider range of seed types than virtually all existing equipment available. It is best suited to seeds ranging in size from 10 to 4000 seeds per gram.

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Sled Seeder icon image Sled Seeder

The Sled Seeder has been designed to meet the needs of smaller scale vegetable growers at an affordable price. It's revolutionary design features two highly abrasive resistant plastic bed skids that level the bed top and cover the placed seed with soil, producing excellent results and performing exceptionally well in all weather and soil conditions.

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Roller Seeder icon image Roller Seeder

The Roller Seeder is our established top end planter, suitable for commercial growers, as it is designed for sowing high density crops such as baby leaf salad and baby carrots. It is fitted with a front and rear bed roller with three rows of staggered soil openers mounted in between. The front roller levels the seed bed while the rear roller covers the placed seed with soil.

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Harvester icon image Harvester

Seed Spider harvesters have evolved due to requests from growers for a simple light weight machine that is matched to the Roller Seeder and Sled Seeder. The single bed harvester provides clean, accurate and consistent cutting in all weather conditions, allowing growers to reap the rewards of their crop quickly and easily all year round.

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