Greentech Robotics News

We’ve got movement!

It’s been an exciting few months at Greentech Robotics with the development of our autonomous weeder taking some great strides forward (almost literally). The last few days have seen our wheels start spinning and speed control being tested.

Our expanding team has had an injection of young blood recently, with our ‘New Guy’ Tobin taking over the reins in several areas. From designing power and control systems, to analysing the steering geometry and setting up simulations, right through to writing firmware, Tobin’s the man getting the platform moving as quickly as possible! He’s got a pretty sweet set up in our main building and although he won’t admit it, we’re sure he’s enjoying causing havoc throughout the place now with his ongoing speed tests shaking the floor boards.

We’re currently on the edge of our seats as we wait for some hotly anticipated ~mystery~ parcels to get here from Germany, due to arrive next week. Be sure to keep an eye out here or on Twitter to find out what we’re up to and to see what our mystery packages are!

Greentech’s heading abroad!

Spider Seed image

It will be a whirl wind trip for our Director Rob Baan as he takes off this weekend across USA, through parts of Europe and finishing up in the UK.

The trip itself will be just shy of two weeks and Rob is looking forward to connecting with some of our current dealers and potentially meeting some new ones as well. The Seed Spider range will be the talk of the town as Rob shows off a lot of improvements and new innovations that have been implemented in the last couple of years. Though we are sure many of you will be keen to interrogate us about our current projects in development.

We love getting out and about whenever possible to talk Robotics in person. If you get the chance to shake this guy’s hand, make sure you do – just be on your toes for the wisecracks!

Follow Rob’s trip over on Twitter.