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Greentech Robotics

We are the specialists in seeding and harvesting high density salad mix and baby carrot crops. Our world-leading systems are driving commercial vegetable growers into the future, delivering unprecedented accuracy, efficiencies, and productivity. In a world where every second counts, we are giving growers back their time and improving their bottom line.


  • Sow anywhere, anytime, quickly!
  • Get peace of mind with the most accurate high-density seeder in the world
  • Increase crop yields by 15% plus
  • Take the pressure off yourself and your soil


  • Grow healthy, fat, happy plants without
    lifting a finger
  • Reduce inputs while enhancing outputs
  • Weed while you sleep – it’s all taken care of!
  • Autonomous weeding robot in development


  • Reap the rewards of your crop, quickly and easily
  • Keep your plants clean and protected until the final cut
  • Don’t let the weather get in your way – harvest all year round!
Smartphone icon image Simple Calibration

Seed Metering units are simple and quick to calibrate using a smart phone app.

Row icon image Row spacing

Infinite seed and row spacing options are available with our innovative Seed Spider range.

Stopwatch icon image Quick seed

Change from one seed type to another in less than 60 seconds with our easy release seed hoppers.

Robot icon image Autonomous weeding

Our newest seedling, currently in development, is a truly automated weeder.

Magnifying glass icon image Weed identification

Our autonomous weeding system will identify and eliminate weeds without you lifting a finger.

Crop icon image Increased returns

You will see an increase in returns per acre by 15%+ with Greentech Robotics products.

Weather icon image Conditions

Seed, weed, and harvest in any conditions with all Greentech Robotics products.

Tape measure icon image Accurate

Our single bed harvester has provided clean, accurate, consistent cutting for over 30 years.